Pre – arrival tips

You have booked you entrance and transfer tickets, and have received the tickets on your email you are ready to go. But few tips never harmed anyone.

  1. The earlier the better. Our gates open at 10:00a.m. After that all busses from all areas start to arrive.
  2. If you have booked our transfer please note that you need to be 10 minutes earlier at the pickup point. And don’t worry if the bus is a little bit late. During high season small delays can easily occur.
  3. The bus driver will provide you with a small return bus ticket so you know the bus number and time of departure.
  4. When you arrive at the entrance you will have to show your tickets, either in paper or through your smartphone. If you have not bought tickets you will need to buy them at the entrance either in cash or by the use of debit or credit cards. All major cards are accepted.
  5. The front desk personnel will exchange those tickets or the tickets you bought there for cashless bracelets. It’s a special bracelet made out of special Faber glass that you cannot remove it until you present yourself at the exit and our personnel will cut it for you.
  6. Sometimes there are waiting lines. Don’t worry we do our best to make the whole procedure fast.
  7. With your cashless bracelets you can buy any services or products you wish and pay for them at the exit. Make sure you ask your receipt from every department you buy something. At the exit the front desk will issue an analytical statement and you will pay there.
  8. During you stay at the park make sure you read all the safety and information signs located almost everywhere around the park. This will guarantee a safer and more enjoyable day.
  9. If you have forgotten your swim suit or other important items don’t worry our Acqua shop will be able to provide them for a price.
  10. Although our snack place and coffee shop open at 10:00a.m, please note that our restaurant opens at 11:00a.m.
  11. If you wish to play at our WOW Balls you need to buy a ticket from the playground café.
  12. No money is needed while in the park so if you need to save your valuables you can hire a locker from the shop.
  13. There are lifeguards everywhere there is water follow their instructions and have a perfect day.